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A comparative study of twelve hydrocolloid dressings
The use of sterile larvae (maggots) in a malignant wound.
A clinimetric analysis of wound measurement tools
A discourse on pressure ulcer physiology: the implications of repositioning and staging
A New Topical Antibiotic Delivery System
A review of the expert opinion on latex allergy
A review of the history of veterinary wound management
A structured approach to the selection of dressings
Advanced treatments for non-healing chronic wounds
An evaluation of a new type of compression bandaging system
An overview of non-cancer related chronic oedema - a UK perspective
An overview of surgical site infections: aetiology, incidence and risk factors
Assessing the patient with a skin condition
Atraumatic dressings
Wound Colour Image Processing Review
Wound Colour Image Processing Review
Bandages on the Drug Tariff
Dressings on the Drug Tariff (Rev 4.0)
Heenan: Drug Tariff (Rev 3.1)
Heenan: Drug Tariff (Rev 3.0)
Heenan: Drug Tariff (Rev 2.0)
Heenan: Drug Tariff (Rev 1.1)
Heenan: Drug Tariff (Rev 1.0)
Case report: The use of butter to treat a hot tar burn injury
Management of a complex neuropathic foot ulcer: a case report
Case report: maggot therapy in an acute burn
Case series investigating the experience of pain in patients with chronic venous leg ulcers treated with a foam dressing releasing ibuprofen
Case study: Larval therapy for an infected insect bite
Cellular, molecular and biochemical differences in the pathophysiology of healing between acute wounds, chronic wounds and wounds in the aged
Compression bandaging in the treatment of venous leg ulcers
Compression hosiery in the prevention and treatment of venous leg ulcers
Doppler assessment and ABPI: Interpretation in the management of leg ulceration
Comments on ABPI article.
The Drug Tariff and wound management
Alginate dressings on the Drug Tariff
Absorbent and primary dressings on the Drug Tariff
Bandages on the Drug Tariff
Hydrocolloid dressings on the Drug Tariff
Polyurethane dressings on the Drug Tariff
Vapour-permeable dressings on the Drug Tariff
Encouraging patient involvement in the management of lymphovenous leg ulceration: a case report
Patient-administered inhalation of nitrous oxide and oxygen gas for procedural pain relief
Extracellular matrix: review of its roles in acute and chronic wounds
Focus on silver
Four-layer bandaging: from concept to practice. Part 1: The development of the four-layer system
Four-layer bandaging: from concept to practice Part 2: Application of the four-layer system
Four-layer bandaging: from concept to practice. Part 3: Evidence base for treating venous leg ulcers
Alginate Dressings: Frequently Asked Questions
Hydrocolloid Dressings: Frequently Asked Questions (Rev 1.1)
Hydrocolloid Dressings: Frequently Asked Questions (Rev 1.0)
Honey as a topical antibacterial agent for treatment of infected wounds
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for wound healing
Understanding the effects of bacterial communities and biofilms on wound healing
Integrating adjunctive therapy into practice: the importance of recognising ‘hard-to-heal’ wounds
Larval Therapy: A Review of Clinical
Leg ulceration: a complex case scenario
Leg ulceration: complex case scenario
'Loss of self': a psychosocial study of the quality of life of adults with diabetic ulceration
MRSA and the use of silver dressings: overcoming bacterial resistance
Management of a diabetic foot ulcer using larval therapy
Management of a large flap wound to the beak of a mute swan (Cygnus olor): a case report
Management of territorial fight wounds in badgers
Modern exudate management: a review of wound treatments
Morphological Characteristics of the Dermal Papillae in the Development of Pressure Sores
Venous ulcers and motorised ankle dorsiflexion: an introduction to a new approach
NICE Clinical Guidelines: Pressure ulcer risk assessment and prevention - a review
Next generation products for wound management
Obstetric care. Is there risk of pressure damage after epidural anaesthesia?
Odour Absorbing Dressings: Comparative laboratory study.
Opinion: NICE - time for review?
PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE: Psychology of pain and wound healing
What has pain relief to do with acute surgical wound healing?
Pain at wound dressing-related procedures: a template for assessment
Pattern of injury in motor vehicle accidents
Pilonidal sinus disease
Preventing pressure ulcers among wheelchair users: preliminary comments on the development of a self-administered risk assessment tool
Recent advances in the use of lasers in dermatology.
Recent advances in the use of lasers in dermatology.
Recent advances in the use of lasers in dermatology.
Review of duplex and colour Doppler imaging of lower-limb arteries and veins
Review of the clinical RCT evidence and cost-effectiveness data of a sustained-release silver foam dressing in the healing of critically colonised wounds
Setting up Wound Dressing Guidelines: Avoiding the Pitfalls.
Sharp technique for wound debridement
Should alternative endpoints be considered to evaluate outcomes in chronic recalcitrant wounds?
Soft silicone dressings: frequently asked questions
Part 1: Symptom control in the management of fungating wounds
Part 2: Symptom self-assessment in the management of fungating wounds
Teaching wound management: a collaborative model for future education
The art and science of evaluating patient support surfaces
The cost of treating hard-to-heal venous leg ulcers: results from a Swedish survey
The development of a novel technique for predicting the exudate handling properties of modern wound dressings
The management of extravasation injury in neonates.
The management of pain associated with dressing changes in patients with burns
The role of moist wound healing in the management of meningococcal skin lesions: a case study.
The use of maggot therapy as an adjunct to surgical debridement: a paediatric case report
The use of the Laplace equation in the calculation of sub-bandage pressure
A review of the evidence for the use of topical antimicrobial agents in wound care
Treatment of a deep injection abscess using sterile maggots in a donkey: a case report
Developing a tool for researching fungating wounds
An introduction to the use of vacuum assisted closure
Veterinary care of a giant lop rabbit with severe fly strike
Wound bed preparation
Recognition and management of wound infections
Wound assessment in the avian wildlife casualty
Dressings on the Drug Tariff (Rev 4.0)
Wound healing complications associated with lower limb amputation
Wound management in the avian wildlife casualty

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Management of saddle and harness sores in a pack mule on expedition – A case study.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Comparison of foam and hydrocolloid dressings in the management of wounds: a review of the published literature

Management of a pilonidal sinus with V.A.C.® Therapy

Dermatological problems and periwound skin

Assessing and managing vulnerable periwound skin

The pathophysiology of vulnerable skin

The role of dressings in the treatment of moisture-related skin damage

The importance of compression on dressing performance

Leg ulceration and wound bed preparation: towards a more holistic framework

Dressings: cutting and application guide

Post-hibernation management of rat bite injuries in a spur-thighed tortoise (Testudo graeca)

A case of pyoderma gangrenosum successfully treated with intravenous immune globulin

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