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About our Sponsors

Sponsors of World Wide Wounds

This section gives details on the sponsors of World Wide Wounds.


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About our Sponsors

World Wide Wounds is supported by four major companies:

Each sponsor is offered the following:

Our aim is to provide healthcare practitioners throughout the world with free access to high quality, peer-reviewed information on the prevention and management of wounds of all types. The support from our sponsors is vital in achieving this aim and in extending the activities and scope of the journal.

Anyone interested in sponsoring World Wide Wounds should contact Suzie Calne on +44 (0) 1223 847114, email

Some comments from our readers.

"Congratulations on a fine wound care web site!"

"With so many products on the market it's good to be able to access further knowledge re wound dressings."

"Very good and educational."

"It is useful to have a site with up to date information."

"Your web site is by far the most informative I have yet to find. This is from a third-year undergraduate that surfs the net regularly."

"Very concise and informative."

"World Wide Wounds is my first line of research when I have a question regarding to wound care. It is fast, convenient and well referenced. Staying up-to-date is now so much easier for me than a year ago. I recommend this site to my students and co-workers all the time. Good luck with continuing this web site."

"As a home care nurse I have used your web site as a centre for both new information and product reviews. I don't always have the time or access to the published journals - World Wide Wounds is a convenient and functional source of good information to help community based health services to better serve this population."

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