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Advice to Correspondents

Please be concise and constructive in criticism; most authors are grateful for advice, but will not appreciate strong, unfriendly remarks about their hard work. You can be sure that any mistakes have been made in good faith and will be corrected. If you wish to dispute the content of an article, do supply references or examples to support your case, where possible. Your comments about specific articles will be considered for publication and will be forwarded to authors, with an invitation to respond. The editor reserves the right to amend letters in the interest of clarity, relevance and professional expectations. Anonymous letters will not be considered, but writers names may be withheld where a convincing reason is presented (eg job security!).

The value of letters

Your letters can help the journal to help authors: corrections or clarification can be added to article for the benefit of future readers. With printed journals, corrections may follow the original article months later - a small but significant error may be quoted and referenced widely, with no reference to a belated correction. You can help authors to avoid this. Comments and suggestions which add to the accuracy or value of an article will, with the writer's consent, be added to the original work with attribution.

To send a letter to the journal .....

Please send email to www.editor@smtl.co.uk

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