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Vapour-permeable dressings on the Drug Tariff


Andrew Heenan


Published: Mar 2004
Last updated: Jul 2004
Revision: 1.1

Keywords: Drug Tariff; wound management; vapour-permeable dressings.


This article includes all the vapour-permeable dressings included in the Drug Tariff [1]. Proprietary names are included for convenience. These dressings are sometimes referred to a 'semi-permeable' dressings.

Adhesive film dressings

Vapour-permeable adhesive film dressings
Product name Size Basic price
ActivHeal  6cm x 7cm  31p 
10cm x 12.7cm  73p 
15cm x 17.8cm  178p 
Bioclusive  10.2cm x 12.7cm  143p 
Blisterfilm  5cm x 8cm  40p 
9cm x 10cm  70p 
10cm x 13cm  90p 
14cm x 15cm  123p 
Central Gard (Intravenous/sub-cutaneous therapy)  16cm x 7cm central line  90p 
16cm x 8cm Central line  99p 
C-View  6cm x 7cm  37p 
10cm x 12cm  102p 
15cm x 20cm  233p 
Hydrofilm  6cm x 9cm  49p 
10cm x 15cm  129p 
12cm x 25cm  233p 
Mefilm  6cm x 7cm  40p 
10cm x 12cm   106p 
10cm x 25cm   207p 
15cm x 20cm   263p 
Niko Fix IV (Ported and non-ported peripheral)  7cm x 8.5cm  37p 
OpSite Flexigrid  6cm x 7cm  34p 
12cm x 12cm  96p 
15cm x 20cm  243p 
Op Site IV3000 (Intravenous/subcutaneous therapy)  6cm x 7cm Non-winged peripheral  47p 
7cm x 9cm Ported peripheral  62p 
10cm x 12cm Central line  119p 
Polyskin II  4cm x 4cm  35p 
5cm x 7cm  38p 
10cm x 12cm  99p 
10cm x 20cm  196p 
15cm x 20cm  226p 
20cm x 25cm  395p 
Polyskin MR  5cm x 7cm  40p 
10cm x 12cm  108p 
15cm x 20cm  253p 
Tegaderm  6cm x 7cm  38p 
12cm x 12cm  123p 
15cm x 20cm  234p 
Tegaderm IV with securing tapes (Intravenous/subcutaneous therapy)  7cm x 8.5cm Peripheral line  57p 
8.5cm x 10.5cm Central line  111p 

Adhesive film dressings with absorbent pad

Vapour-permeable adhesive film dressings with absorbent pad
Product name Size Contact pad Border Basic price
Alldress  10cm x 10cm      82p 
15cm x 15cm      179p 
15cm x 20cm      221p 
Mepore Ultra  6cm x 7cm      26p 
9cm x 10cm      57p 
9cm x 15cm      85p 
9cm x 20cm      129p 
9cm x 25cm      142p 
9cm x 30cm      235p 
OpSite Plus  5cm x 5cm  2.5cm x 2.5cm  1.25cm  27p 
8.5cm x 9.5cm  3.7cm x 7.3cm  2.4cm - 1.1cm  75p 
10cm x 12cm  5cm x 7.5cm  2.5cm - 2.25cm  102p 
10cm x 20cm  5.5cm x 15cm  2.25cm x 2.5cm  172p 
10cm x 35cm  5.7cm x 30cm  2.15cm x 2.5cm  284p 

Waterproof plastic wound dressing BP

Vapour-permeable waterproof plastic wound dressing BP
Product name Size Basic price per item
Vapour-permeable waterproof plastic wound dressing BP, sterile  8.5cm x 6cm  34p 

Publishing history

This set of articles is based on an earlier series, Dressings on the Drug Tariff, which ran from July 1997 to November 1998.


1. Prescription Pricing Authority, Department of Health. Drug Tariff. London: The Stationery Office, June 2004.

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