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Selected Comments

I cut my foot in the sea on some limestone under the water, so ... packed the missing area of flesh with Calcium Alganate. I hope it works. The article was excellent and ranked top of Google for whatever I typed.

I am an LPN in constant turmoil of the different treatments available and which is appropriate and when. This article was very informative and I will return to this site when future questions arise.

I have been receiving updates from you for some time now. I would like to tell you how I appreciate what you do. Thank you very much. Best regards from Manila!

This was very helpful, i have to apply algisite-m on my daughter, now i know exactly what it does.

"It gave me exactly the information I was looking for in a language I could understand. I am a patient who is using Fibracol and was interested in the reason for its use."

I am a Assistant Nurse and I thought this article was great.

Great resource, would like more by the same author.

Very interesting article - one question please - Can any maggots be used in maggot therapy or is it only the greenbottle fly larvae that feeds exclusively on necrotic tissue? Are other maggots less selective in their feeding habits?

Very comprehensive and fair assessment of a most important development in wound care.

Just a quick comment to let you know how useful I found your website. I think it is very refreshing to know that there is a website out there willing to provide information to those who are interested without costing an arm and a leg. Thank you again for this wonderful, not to mention up to date wealth of information!

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