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2003 - February

Smith & Nephew introduces a new and extended Allevyn range

Smith & Nephew has expanded and re-branded its Allevyn range to provide a wider choice of dressings for all types of exuding wounds.

The new Allevyn range comprises 12 dressings for every stage of wound healing and exudate management. The range includes dressings that can be used to fit all wound shapes, sites and skin conditions, including fragile skin. These products are easy to apply and remove. The new packaging design incorporates the use of icons to make product selection easier.

The two newly developed dressings in the range include Allevyn Lite Island Adhesive (for lightly exuding wounds requiring a waterproof covering and fixation of the border area) and Allevyn Plus Adhesive (for wounds with high to extra high levels of exudate requiring a waterproof covering).

The Allevyn range has been extended with the inclusion of three dressings previously part of Smith & Nephew¬~Rs CUTINOVA brand. The products have been re-named as: Allevyn Lite Thin (previously CUTINOVA Thin), Allevyn Compression (previously CUTINOVA Foam) and Allevyn Plus Cavity (previously CUTINOVA Cavity).

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