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This list only includes sites which allow access free of charge; however, some may make a charge for certain services. There is such a wealth of information available on the Internet, free of all charges, that it is rarely necessary to pay.


Last updated: February 2012
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Local Links

Wound Management

American Academy of Wound Management

Association for the Advancement of Wound Care

Pedsdermatlas, a dermatology digital image resource, enables health care professionals, parents, and patients to access high quality dermatology images on the World Wide Web. It is compiled, reviewed, scored and updated by physicians of the Johns Hopkins University. Currently more than 12,000 images are included in this fast growing collection of pediatric dermatology images.

Australian Wound Management Association Inc

Canadian Association of Wound Care The CAWC is a nonprofit organization of health care professionals, industry participants, patients and caregivers dedicated to the advancement of wound care in Canada

Chronic Venous Disorders A forum for phlebologists and physicians to collaborate and further the advancement of vein disease treatment

European Tissue Repair Society

European Wound Management Association

Hyperbaric Medicine Unit of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Scotland, provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) for certain wounds and infections. The website contains useful information for patients about to undergo HBO therapy, including a virtual tour of the chamber.

Judy Waterlow Site. Infomation on improving pressure ulcer care, prevention, and risk assessment, plus information on the Waterlow Scale and how to use it effectively.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy This site provides information and resources relating to Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), which is a topical treatment intended to promote healing in acute and chronic wounds. It involves the application of negative pressure (suction) to the wound bed.

MyFootShop - site dedicated to footcare and footcare products.

TVNA The official site for members of the Tissue Viability Nurses Association

Tissue Viability Society Includes patient information leaflets on Skin Care, Foot Care, Leg Ulcers, Wheelchairs, Discharge, and Complaints.

University of South Australia Wound Management Program.

Veterinary Wound Management Society

Wound and Skin Care Links Dianne Brownson's 'wound and skin' links - other health care links too.

Wound Care Institute

Wound Care Portal - site run by Rand Feinstein (RN, PA-C, CWCN), intended to serve Wound Care Professionals by providing studies and a forum for the open discussion of wound care products, therapies, and related topics.

Wound Care Society

Wound Healing Society

Wound Healer

Wounds1 - woundcare related site covering diabetic foot ulcers, burns, scars and leg ulcers.

Wounds Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society (Pacific Coast Region) - Supports the professional growth of its membership along in wound, ostomy, and continence nursing practice, participates in educating the public about the role and services provided by its members and upholds ethical and professional accountability by participating in development of research and/or evidence-based practice standards.

Wound Ostomy and Continence Nursing Certification Board provides credentialing in the areas of wound, ostomy, continence and foot care nursing.

Woundsource - from Kestrel Health Information, Inc., a Vermont-based company, provide an advertising medium for health care product manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies that delivers practical and useful product information to clinical decision-makers.

Wounds UK - specialist training, education, conferences, books and journals for healthcare professionals in the field of wound care and pressure care.

Wound Update - Wound Update provides a monthly literature awareness service for publications indexed on the Medline database as relevant to wound care. Every month all relevant new publications are categorised under the following two sections: CLINICAL STUDIES - Acute wounds, Chronic wounds, Burns, Infection; BASIC RESEARCH STUDIES - Wound Physiology, Treatment. The service is free to all wound care professionals.

Health & General Interest

The Acne Resource Center The Acne Resource Center - an informational resource about Acne, how it develops, the science behind it, and how to cope.

UK Health Centre UK Health Centre - the guide to UK medical information on the web. The site is split up into 4 main areas

The Merck Manual Online The Merck Manual is probably the most widely used medical text in the world. An indispensable site. The 16th edition has now been removed - the new, 17th edition will be published in 1999; there will be an online version.

PubMed National Library of Medicine's search service to access the 9 million citations in MEDLINE and Pre-MEDLINE (with links to participating on-line journals), and other related databases.

Welsh Health Supplies Web Site Welsh Health Supplies provides two key links in the Supply Chain to Welsh NHS Trusts, the negotiation of contracts and a materials management service.

Local & Regional Sites

Medical Sites and Mailing Lists

Electronic Textbook of Dermatology Published by the Internet Dermatology Society

Helix A Glaxo site which also has text and questions for continuing education; full service only applies to USA. (NOTE: The page currently carries a statement noting that "GlaxoSmithKline is reevaluating many of its healthcare education programs, including For this reason, is not available at this time." Some professional education programs formerly hosted by continue to be available at the links on this page.)

Medscape Free registration required for the full service; email sent each week with links to Medscape articles.

Medicine Net A free medical resource; includes a pharmacy section.

Vascular websites An information resource on conditions managed by vascular surgeons with extensive internet links to vascular websites.

Nurses and allied professions - Sites and Mailing Lists

Critical Care UK (apparently down 7th Dec 2001 ?) - This site is a resource for all health care professionals working within critical care specialities; intensive care, coronary care, ER/A&E, as well as cardiology, neurology, nephrology etc.

Medi-Smart Nursing Wound care Resources site

The Association of Theatre Personnel Nationwide. - their site does not appear to be up any longer (it used to be

Nursing Standard Online

Intute: Nursing - a free online service providing Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals with access to the very best web resources for education and research, evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists.

Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing Society WOCN supports its members by promoting educational, clinical, and research opportunities, to advance the practice and guide the delivery of expert health care to individuals with wounds, ostomies and incontinence.

Nursing Hands An Internet Community for Nurses.

Nurse Prescriber - is a free electronic source of peer-reviewed data and a gateway to nurse prescribing on the internet.

Sterile Services Site A service provided for Hospital Sterile Supply Departments primarily within Europe.

Nursing Resources at - Online Nursing Information including degrees, books, and articles.

Pharmacists' Sites and Mailing Lists

British National Formulary The British National Formulary provides Uk healthcare professionals with authoritative and practical information on the selection and clinical use of medicines in a clear, concise and accessible manner.

Pharmacy Information Directory Pharmacy Information Directory is a list of sites and resources for pharmacists.

Education Providers

Capital Health Regional Wound Care Guidelines are available for purchase, to guide interventions by health professionals caring for individuals at risk for skin breakdown and to provide education to the individual and caregivers.

NHS Public Social Health Service The Health and Social care Quality Centre provides range of research and consultancy services for those looking to review, report or audit an area of healthcare.

Royal Marsden School of Cancer Nursing and Rehabilitation Provider of level 6 (degree level) module on Caring for the Cancer Patient with a Wound.

UK Pain Management community & discussion forum The national discussion forum and community for UK Nurses, Doctors, and Allied Professionals with an interest in acute, chronic, or palliative Pain Management.

Wound Care International, Inc. Providers of wound care seminars.

Wound Care Associates. Providers of continuing education seminars on Wound Healing

Industry Sites

3M Health Care

AKLAAB - Swedish manufacturer of wound management products, including a wide range of first aid products, gauze bandages, sterile absorbent dressings, promotional gifts, first-aid cushions and kits for vehicles and travel, wet wipes for cleaning and disinfection etc.

Beiersdorf Medical

Carrington Laboratories, Inc.

Clinical Cell Culture is a publicly listed company that produces cultured skin for the treatment of chronic and traumatic wounds. Product Related -


Derma Sciences, Inc. an ecommerce site for Derma

DeRoyal Wound Care - DeRoyal sell a range of wound care dressings covering all phases and all stages of wound care. The home page also contains a link to their discussion group.

T.G.Eakin Ltd.

Easigrip Manufacturers of elasticated tubular bandage to UK drug tariff standards.

Gaymar Industries, Inc.

Hardwood products company LP. Produce a disposable wound measuring device.

Hartmann - manufacturers of wound management products, first aid dressings, diagnostics and incontinence products.

Honeymark International - Natural Health Care Products containing Active Manuka Honey as a healing agent.

Kemex bv - Kemex bv is producing medical nonwovens and laminates for the medical industry which are used as absorbent low adherent wound pads for the production of adhesive bandages, post operative island dressings and absorbent dressings.

Kendall Healthcare Products Company

Kestrel Wound Product Sourcebook

Knoll AG

Limbo Products - manufacturer and supply waterproof protectors that allow peolple with long term wounds such as leg ulcers/ broken limbs to have bath or shower in comfort.

Medihoney Pty Ltd - is a world leader in the clinical research and marketing of medical and cosmetic products utilizing the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties of medical honeys and other natural products.

Molnlycke Health Care AB

Pegasus Airwave Ltd.


PolyHeal Ltd. - an emerging Medical biotechnology company, founded in Israel with the mission to research and develop a wound healing device for acute and chronic wounds. This innovative and cost effective wound-healing concept is based on polystyrene microspheres technology.


Spectrastat Distributer of an antimicrobial handwash.

Triticum Exploitatie BV - Manufacturers of L-Mesitran honey-based wound care products.

Wound Care Consultants

Wound Care Strategies is an independent developer of both inpatient and outpatient skin and wound care systems. Services include: management of care delivery, payment/reimbursement issues, seminars and workshops, documentation pathways, clinical trials, outcomes reporting, competency validation, and regulatory compliance for the healthcare, biotechnology, and insurance industries. The web site also contains education for the consumer.

WoundSci is a consultancy which supports wound management product development at the pre-clinical and clinical research stages.

Wound Specialists is the first multidisciplinary, global directory of wound specialists.

News Groups

Journals' Home Pages

Bandolier The journal of evidence-based health care

Internurse - with links to the British Journal of Nursing, British Journal of Community Health Nursing and the Practice Nursing Journal.

Journal of Wound Care - journal content is available for subscribers only.

Ostomy/Wound Management

Primary Intention - The Australian Journal of Wound Management


Wound Care

Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing

Wounds - A compendium of clinical research and practise.

Wound Repair and Regeneration The official publication of The Wound Healing Society, The European Tissue Repair Society, The Japanese Society for Wound Healing and The Australian Wound Management Association. Published bimonthly.

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