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Editorial (June 2004)


Dr Steve Thomas
World Wide Wounds


Published: June 2004
Last updated: June 2004
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Editorial: Not another questionnaire - June , 2004

Fewer things can be met with less enthusiasm by a busy healthcare practitioner than a request to provide some faceless bureaucrat with a load of apparently useless information in order for them to compile meaningless statistics on a subject of no practical value.

I hope that you do not feel that my request for your cooperation to obtain some basic information on the readership of World Wide Wounds falls into this category!

For the first time, World Wide Wounds has compiled a questionnaire designed to obtain information on the views of its readership on the content and possible editorial direction of the Journal.

Please take a few minutes of your precious time to complete the simple on-line survey and preferably register as a subscriber. Your views are important and could have a major influence upon the way the Journal develops in the future.

The problems associated with the management of chronic or non-healing wounds are truly universal, although the way in which such wounds are treated may vary from country to country. The internet provides a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals from around the world to compare their practice with colleagues who may be many thousands of miles away.

World Wide Wounds wishes to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this technology to encourage debate and promote better understanding of the various treatment options available.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Dr S Thomas

World Wide Wounds Readership Survey Questionnaire

This questionnaire has been designed to determine the views of our readers on the content and future direction of World Wide Wounds. Your opinions, and the information that you provide, will be used to determine those areas of wound management that should become the focus of future educational articles.

Furthermore, given the truly international and multidisciplinary nature of the readership of World Wide Wounds, we would also like to take the opportunity to identify the professional background and geographical location of our readers to enable us in the future to provide material that is as relevant and meaningful as possible.

You will note that at the end of the survey, we have invited you to become a registered subscriber to World Wide Wounds. Please be assured that if you do decide to register, it will cost you nothing and all you need to give is your email address which will not be divulged to any other party. By becoming a subscriber, we can use your address to notify you of new articles, important additions or changes to World Wide Wounds as they happen, perhaps on a monthly or twice monthly basis.

The survey is in several sections - please feel free to answer as many or as few of the questions within each as you wish, but remember that the more feedback we receive the more effectively we can tailor the contents of the Journal to meet the needs of our readership.

Survey Questionnaire Form

Survey Questionnaire Form.

Steve Thomas, Senior Editorial Advisor

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