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Editorial (March 2001)


Suzie Calne

World Wide Wounds


Steve Thomas

Senior Editorial Advisor
World Wide Wounds


Published: March 2001
Last updated: March 2001
Revision: 1.0


Editorial - March 28, 2001

Welcome to the relaunch of World Wide Wounds, the world's first dedicated electronic wound management journal.

It is the aim of World Wide Wounds to provide healthcare practitioners throughout the world with free access to regularly-updated high quality information on the prevention and management of wounds of all types. In order to achieve this, we will aim to publish a minimum of two new articles each month. These will include review articles, case reports and practice guides and will complement existing articles that have been published previously.

It is recognised that the readership of World Wide Wounds includes individuals with widely differing experience and expertise, from students to advanced practitioners. To cater for this range of different needs, the journal will include articles at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

An impressive and committed editorial board has been brought together that reflects the range of specialities involved in wound care. This group will select topics and commission articles that are central to everyday practice in order to drive the practice of wound management forward. The board includes Brian Gilchrist, Christine Moffatt, Peter Vowden, Diane Krasner, Liza Ovington and Kerlyn Carville all recognised leaders in their respective fields (see About the Journal).

Ultimately, however, the success of World Wide Wounds will be determined by the relationships that are developed between the readership and those who are responsible for its production. Your suggestions and recommendations will determine future content of World Wide Wounds and assist in site development.

The Internet provides a unique opportunity to establish an interactive dialogue between the editorial board and visitors to the site. We therefore urge all practitioners to make the best use of the opportunities available to promote good practice and identify gaps in our existing knowledge and education. By so doing you will enable us to present a credible view of wound care practices globally, and help to identify the unresolved challenges facing practitioners in different countries throughout the world.

Suzie Calne, Editor

Dr Steve Thomas, Senior Editorial Advisor

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