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Product Name: Tegasorb
Classification Name: Dressing Hydrocolloid Semipermeable
Manufacturer: 3M Health Care Ltd


Tegasorb consists of an oval shaped piece of polyurethane film, coated with a layer of an acrylic adhesive. The film, which is impermeable to exudate and micro-organisms, extends past the border of a hydrocolloid mass composed of polyisobutylene in which are dispersed hydrophilic gelable polysaccharide particles.

When the dressing comes into contact with wound fluid, it forms a soft gel-like mass, providing a moist wound environment that facilitates healing without causing maceration. In vitro testing has shown that the dressing will not potentiate bacterial growth in the presence of serum.


Tegasorb is intended for use with partial and full thickness wounds, including pressure sores and chronic ulceration of the leg in addition to superficial wounds such as deep dermal burns and those donor sites where wound fluid production can be described as `moderate'.


The manufacturers of Tegasorb recommended that the dressing not be used in the treatment of clinically infected wounds, wounds with depth greater than 1.5 cm or undermining greater than 1 cm - 1.5 cm. The dressing is also not indicated for the management of full thickness burns or wounds with muscle, bone or tendon exposed or with eschar covering more than 50% of the wound.

Method of use

A dressing should be chosen that provides a margin of 2.5 cm around the wound. Prior to application the wound should be cleansed and the surrounding skin dried thoroughly. The dressing, togther with a secondary plastic film carrier, is removed from the silicone release liner using the red tabs provided, and applied to the wound site.

The edges are smoothed down with gentle pressure to ensure good skin adhesion and the carrier or delivery film is removed by lifting and pulling the white centre tabs towards both ends. The red tabs are then torn off at the perforations. . Upon removal of the dressing, any gel remaining in the wound can be irrigated away using warm saline prior to the application of the next dressing.

Frequency of Change

Although the frequency of dressing changes will be governed by the state of the wound, Tegasorb may be left undisturbed for up to 7 days if comfortable. More frequent changes will be required if leakage occurs or the softened dressing extends over intact skin.


Tegasorb is presented individually wrapped in a peel pouch, sterilised by gamma irradiation.


10.0 cm 12.0 cm (oval)*

13.0 cm 15.0 cm (oval)*

17.0 cm 20.0 cm (oval)

* available on Drug Tariff


1. Neil KM, et al., Pressure sore response to a new hydrocolloid dressing, Wounds, 1989, 1, (3), 173-185.

2. Thomas S, et al., A comparative study of the properties of six hydrocolloid dressings, Pharm. J., 1991, 247, 672-675.

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