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Product Name: Spyrosorb
Classification Name: Dressing Polyurethane Membrane
Manufacturer: BritCair, UK Division of CV Laboratories


Spyrosorb is an absorbent semi-permeable wound dressing consisting of a thin microporous polyurethane membrane coated with a pressure sensitive hydrophilic adhesive bonded to a semi-permeable polyuethane film. Although the absorbency of the dressing is limited, it has a high moisture vapour permeability which changes according to the amount of exudate present. The dressing provides a moist wound environment which facilitates healing.


Spyrosorb is recommended for light to moderately exuding wounds such as leg ulcers and pressure sores.


Spyrosorb is not recommended for use on clinically infected wounds.

Method of use

A dressing should be selected that provides a 2 cm overlap onto the surrounding skin which should be dry and unbroken. Remove the larger piece of release paper and centre the dressing on the wound. Once correctly positioned, remove the small piece of release paper and secure with gentle pressure. The dressing can be tailored to fit awkward areas and cut or overlapped if necessary. To remove, lift edges of the dressing whilst gently pressing against the skin, continue pulling in this way until the dressing becomes detached.

Frequency of Change

Spyrosorb should be changed when exudate becomes visible within 1 cm of the edge of the dressing or after 5 - 7 days according to the type of wound.


Spyrosorb is presented individually wrapped in a peel pouch, sterilised by gamma irradiation.


10.0 cm 20.0 cm

20.0 cm 20.0 cm

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Revision AuthorDr S. Thomas
Revision No 1.3
Revision date1997/12/16

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