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Product Name: Comfeel seasorb dressing
Classification Name: Dressing Calcium/Sodium Alginate
Manufacturer: Coloplast Ltd


Comfeel: Seasorb Dressing consists of calcium/sodium alginate that has been freeze dried to form a sheet with a porous amorphous structure. A fine mesh net is placed in the centre of the dressing to give the product strength and hold it together when wet. In the presence of exudate, the dressing absorbs liquid and an ion exchange reaction takes place. The newly formed sodium alginate swells to form a gel on the surface of the wound that is believed to facilitate wound healing.


Comfeel: Seasorb Dressing may be used in the management of moderate to heavily exuding leg ulcers, and other types of exuding granulating wounds.


Comfeel: Seasorb is of little value on very dry or lightly exuding wounds.

Method of use

An appropriately sized dressing is placed on the surface of the wound and covered with an appropriate secondary dressing. For heavily exuding wounds, a low-adherent absorbent dressing or a simple dressing pad may be used. For more lightly exuding wounds, a more occlusive outer dressing may be indicated to prevent the alginate from drying out. Exuding wounds containing a degree of slough or necrotic tissue may require frequent changing initially, but clean granulating wounds may be left undisturbed for longer periods.


Comfeel: Seasorb Dressing is presented individually wrapped in a peel pouch, sterilised with ethylene oxide.


4.0 cm 6.0 cm*

10.0 cm 10.0 cm*

*Available on Drug Tariff

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Revision date1997/12/16

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