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Product Name: Allevyn
Classification Name: Dressing Polyurethane Foam, Hydrophilic
Manufacturer: Smith & Nephew Healthcare Limited


Allevyn consists of a layer of soft, hydrophilic polyurethane foam, about six millimetres thick, bonded to a pink semipermeable polyurethane film. Although this film is permeable to moisture vapour, it provides an effective barrier to water or wound exudate and also prevents the passage of microorganisms through the back of the dressing.

The wound contact surface of the dressing is covered with a perforated film, designed to prevent the dressing from adhering to granulating tissue. The foam is highly absorbent, and strike-through is prevented by the semipermeable film backing.

When applied to an exuding wound, the dressing will absorb excess fluid but maintain the wound surface in a moist condition providing a micro-environment that is conducive to healing.


Allevyn may be applied to a variety of exuding wounds of limited depth, including leg ulcers, minor burns, and donor sites .


No absolute contra-indications to the use of Allevyn have been reported, but the dressing will be of limited value if applied to dry wounds such as those covered with a scab or hard black necrotic tissue. Before application of the dressing this should be removed, either surgically, or by some other means.

Method of use

A size of Allevyn is chosen that will overlap the edges of the wound by 2-3 cm. It is placed with the perforated side next to the skin and the pink surface facing outwards.

The dressing may be secured with tape or a piece of dressing retention sheet (such as Hypafix or Mefix ), or held in position with a suitable compression bandage, as appropriate. If necessary, Allevyn may be cut or shaped with a pair of sterile scissors.

Frequency of Change

The frequency with which Allevyn should be changed depends upon the nature of the wound and the amount of exudate produced. On a clean non-infected wound, it may be left in position for up to four or five days but more frequent changes will be required on infected or very heavily exuding wounds.


Allevyn is presented in a paper peel pouch, sterilised by irradiation.


5 cm 5 cm* 10 cm 10 cm*

10 cm 20 cm* 20 cm 20 cm*

9 cm 9 cm (Tracheostomy Dressing). * Available on Drug Tariff


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Revision date1997/12/16

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